Off The Grid

We’re back from Michigan now. Not a bad trip, except for me getting stuck in traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike driving home yesterday. At least I got to see the wreckage of the semi that hit the guardrail and ended up on its side. Still ticked that it took an extra 45 minutes to get through there though. As they say, “I was making good time!”
I stayed off the Internet all weekend, and felt a little out of touch, but not too bad. I did a lot of reading, traditional and recorded, so many reviews upcoming. I’ve got a SunRocket update too, which will get its own post, but for now, it seems that our phone is still working, but who knows for how long. And the Yankees are now 6 games over .500 after pounding the D-Rays and Royals the past few days.
In the meantime, I have over 60 emails and 1400 RSS items to read, plus lots of work to catch up on. Back soon.

1 thought on “Off The Grid”

  1. but despite all of the lack of internet, email piling up, traffic and book reading – Brian did manage to take his kids to the Ann Arbor Artfair where the got to frolic in the Law Quad, eat some ice cream, Spend the day playing at the lake at Baba & Bumpa’s, playing at the MSU children’s garden and enjoying more ice cream at the dairy store while visiting with Auntie & Uncle Ski. Having an nice brunch at Clara’s in Lansing and having a nice Dinner with Uncle Barney.


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