Time for Something New

Well, there seems to be no hope for SunRocket, so I reluctantly signed up for Verizon’s version of VOIP today. Their landline service just costs way too much. For $20 I get everything I would get for $45 on their landline service. What the hell? Stupid phone companies… At any rate, I will be trying over the next couple of weeks to port our old phone number to VoiceWing, and we’ll see how that goes.
In the meantime though, I’ve managed to snag an invite to GrandCentral, Google’s latest acquisition. Their pitch is that you give out one phone number, and it stays with you wherever you go. It basically just forwards calls to the number to any other phone numbers you would like: your cell, home, work, whatever. It’s very flexible too, as you can designate which numbers will ring which phones. So, for example, our neighbor around the corner probably wants to talk to Lisa at home, not me at work, so I can set it to only ring the home phone when they call. Vice versa, if I’m waiting for a window company to call me back, I can have it ring me no matter if I’m at work, or on the way home. And if no one answers, Grand Central is the one place to check your voicemail, which you can do online, or have it sent to you in an email. You can also designate certain numbers as “spam” so that they don’t get through to you. I used this feature a lot in SunRocket.
My GrandCentral number is 703-539-5150, if you want to try it out.
Oh, and I do have invites to share, if you are interested in trying it out. I got my invite from an anonymous stranger at InviteShare.com. Now if only someone would invite me to Mint.com!