Window Shopping Update

Just a quick update on our window situation. I did some more research over the weekend to find out more about the quality of the windows we are looking at, and ensure that we are really comparing apples to apples, or at least that we are aware that one company is an apple, the other is an orange. As a result, Century Siding made a surprise move back into the top three. If all prices were the same, we are thinking that it would go Thompson Creek, Century, and TSI. To us, Thompson Creek had a pretty good product, but it’s just so darned expensive! However, I did get an email from one of their salespeople with a pitch to go lower than what they had before, so I am willing to try to negotiate them down. However, they do have to come down a good bit, because, with the lower bids we got, we are leaning toward getting a bay window after all. That puts the Thompson Creek price way through the budget at this point, so we’ll see what they come back with.
Century Siding seems to have the next best window, from my research. Unfortunately, since the guy didn’t show up on time, we didn’t get the chance to talk to him about replacing the picture window with a bay. I have a call in to them as well to get an updated quote. Lisa ran into him after gymnastics class on Thursday (he was at the house finishing up his estimate, not sure if he showed up really really late, or if he just hung around to make sure he gave the quote to somebody), and she said that he really conveyed a good knowledge of his product and a good rundown of what they’d do.
Finally, TSI’s biggest asset is that our neighbors recommended him. The guy was nice, and didn’t bore us with the demo, since he knew we had seen it before. He quickly ran down the product and gave us the quote. However, my research seems to say that the window isn’t quite as good as some of the others, but his price was low enough that we could afford a bay from him with no negotiation. And it’s not like the windows are crap. They will be huge upgrade over our current windows, and I am sure we’ll be happy with them in the end.
So, at this point it is a waiting game. I’m waiting for some callbacks with updated quotes, and hopefully we will have all the information we need to make a fair comparison by the end of the day. Since we are leaving for Michigan on Wednesday, we’d ideally like to have the decision made before we leave, so that they can get started on making the windows while we are gone.