Window Shopping Done!

We heard back from two of our three finalists this morning, both of which effectively eliminated the third (TSI) from consideration. Century Siding came back with an estimate on the bay window, which would add $1630 to the original $5718 estimate, bringing the total to $7348. Lower than TSI for what I think is a better window, so TSI is done.
We were talking about windows over the weekend, and we ranked our favorites, regardless of price, and pretty much came back with our top three that I previously mentioned. Sears was right out due to high price and poor salesmen, and we eliminated American Home Center because we were not able to see the window. Unfortunate for them, as they were the lowest bidder, but we just didn’t have the time during the week to drive out to their showroom, and I had researched and found their window to be roughly similar to the TSI one anyway. At one point in our conversation, I asked Lisa what price we would have to get Thompson Creek down to, for us to go with them, since they were pretty clearly our favorite window. I threw out $9k, including the bay (our original sale price was $9k without the bay), and she said I was crazy and they would never come down that much. The original non-sale price was $20k including the bay. Their offer back to me this morning, including the bay window? $8700.
Sold! Well, at least I was sold. It was all I could do to tell the guy I would call him back after talking to Lisa. I was ready to say yes immediately, but cooler heads prevailed, and we talked about both offers some more. We weighed the pros and cons again, and finally came to a decision.
Thompson Creek won. Lisa was halfway between the two. She liked Thompson Creek, but wondered if the extra $1300 would be worth it. I was just happier all-around with the Thompson Creek product, and the fact that every time I called or had a question, there was someone there with a quick response. Plus, I was a bit biased, since I was still slightly steamed about the Century guy being late and essentially missing our appointment. So Thompson Creek it is, after much soul searching. We are also going to have a nice fringe benefit: 90 days same as cash financing. We already have the window money sitting in a high-yield savings account, earning us 5.25% interest (it earned almost $7 in 3 days). Since we get to postpone payment for 90 days AFTER the installation date, which is still probably a couple of months away, we will make about $350 in interest while we wait, which is kinda nice.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading about our window exploits. The next time I write about them, we will hopefully be enjoying our spanking new windows!