Window Shopping: Century Siding

I got home early for this appointment because Lisa was likely going to still be at her chiropractor’s right up to the appointment time. The appointment was at noon, and the phone rang at 11:40. The estimate guy was going to be late, but no later than 12:30. OK, I think, no problem, we’ve been through all this dog-and-pony show stuff a bunch of times already, we can keep it short, and Ellie can still get to her gymnastics class at 2. The rest of the family gets home just after noon, and I fill them in. The phone rings at 12:15, and I figure it’s them again, but no, it’s Nova Installations calling to set up an estimate! Sorry pal, I called you two weeks ago, and this is the first I’ve heard back from you. You lose. 12:30 rolls around, no one there yet. 12:45, I call them back up, and they say, “He’s on his way!” Sorry, I’ve been sitting here for over an hour, and I need to get back to work. He said that the guy would just take a look and give a rough estimate and send it to us later. Well, lo and behold, Lisa gets home from gymnastics after 3pm (the guy still wasn’t there when she left the house around 1:15-1:30), and the guy is there! Nice and prompt for that noon appointment. At any rate, he did give us the estimate, and his form was much more detailed than some of the others, who just gave one number on a piece of paper. The bottom line is that it’ll cost $5718 for their windows. Whether we trust them on their “4-5 weeks” estimate, after the estimator debacle, is another question.
So now we’ve got all 5 estimates and we need to make a decision. American Home Center is the cheapest so far, but we haven’t actually seen the window (they did everything online based on my measurements), and TSI is not far behind. Thompson Creek and Sears are on the higher end of the price scale, but seem to be more negotiable, based on the number of times they’ve tried to contact us after they came out. I’m putting together a spreadsheet to compare all 5 companies, and we’ll hopefully make a decision over the weekend.