Where There’s a Will

Phew! We met with the lawyer yesterday about our will and, ahem, “estate planning,” and it went remarkably well. Since we don’t have much of an “estate,” the main purpose was to make sure we had things like guardianship and medical directives taken care of. The meeting took about an hour, since we had filled out a giant packet of information prior to our visit, and since we didn’t have all that much that was complicated to discuss. It’ll take about a month or so to draw up the documents, but now we can at least make people aware that they are “in our will,” which unfortunately for them doesn’t mean they get anything, just that they are in charge of the “estate” if both of us got run over by a bus. It really wasn’t all that hard, just expensive.
So that’s one big thing out of the way. We’re meeting with the last of the window folks today, and probably will make a decision this weekend, so that they can be making the windows while we are on vacation up in Michigan. Some of those window folks are relentless too! Sears has called at least 3 times, and Thompson Creek has called once or twice too. We figured out a way to deal with them though: let Ellie answer the phone. Earlier this week, Lisa was nursing Evan when the phone rang, and Ellie said she would get it and ran off before Lisa could stop her. Ellie picked up the phone and said “Hello?” The person on the other end asked for me, and Ellie dutifully said I wasn’t home. By the time she gave the phone to Lisa, the person on the other end (later caller IDed as Sears) had hung up. We may start having Ellie answer the phone all the time!

2 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will”

  1. Mr. Computer Geek – Have you ever looked into the forms and or software that are available for doing wills and trust? Just wondering. Wendy & I need to do the same.


  2. I looked at them only briefly. They could probably work, especially for our simple situation. However, I did read something recently about the legality of a computer-generated will being challenged due to the fact that a computer program isn’t licensed to practice law. I’m not sure how it would turn out, but it was enough to make me want to talk to a real person who has set these things up. Plus, you never know, talking through it with a lawyer, you may end up thinking about what you want more than you would clicking buttons in a program. We talked to some of our friends who gave us recommendations on lawyers and just made an appointment. The lawyer sent us a package in the mail, and we did a lot of the same stuff you’d probably get from one of those computer programs, but after meeting with him for an hour or so, we had a clearer idea of what we needed and wanted than we did after filling out the forms. Plus, the guy had some real expertise in the particulars of Virginia’s laws, and that made us feel a lot better about what we were doing.


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