Window Shopping: Thermal Specialties, Inc. (TSI)

Reminder of what this is all about:
Recently, we refinanced out mortgage, as I have mentioned plenty of times before. The refinance was dual purpose: to get out of our ARM into a 30-year fixed, and to take some cash out for some remodeling projects. The first remodeling project is windows. We are looking to replace 10 double hung windows and our big picture window. The picture window may or may not end up being converted to a bay window.
We added an appointment with Thermal Specialties last week after having a second recommendation for them. Our neighbors two doors down had them replace their picture window with a bay window, and they also did their enclosed back porch. In addition, TSI did another neighbor’s windows a few years back, but she’s been in the hospital, so we didn’t actually talk to her about them. The actual second recommendation came from our neighbor across the street, and he didn’t even use them! Apparently, he had already signed up with another company by the time TSI’s owner came out (yeah, the owner does all the initial house calls), and liked them so much he wished he could have switched to them.
Anyway, on to the gist. The owner wasn’t a high pressure salesman. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a salesman, otherwise he wouldn’t make money. But he’s not getting paid on commission like the other guys are, and he just gives you his price, and lets the product speak for itself instead of blowing smoke about giving you a special deal for today only, and all that nonsense. A definite breath of fresh air for a change. We still have one more appointment on Thursday, but TSI is a strong contender. His price for doing the picture window came in at $5400, and to add a bay window was about $7800. A nice price, and a nice guy.