Not Much To Share

Baseball is on summer hiatus (yeah, I know, but it actually makes sense because most of my teammates are parents who take summer vacations with their kids), so no games until the end of August. I can share these fine action photos of the championship game. You can see some great shots of me diving (and missing) a shallow bloop, firing the ball back the infield, and getting ready to scorch a base hit. Maybe.
We’re dog-sitting this week for our friends who are on vacation, and they were nice enough to get us a guest pass to the pool up the street for the week, so naturally we were there both Saturday and Sunday. Ellie had a blast, and there were enough other pasty white dads out there that I didn’t feel like I was blinding the lifeguards too badly. Evan seemed to like the pool as well, but it’s hard to justify spending $775 to join, plus $400 yearly dues.
Speaking of Evan, he’s been having these crazy crying fits lately, like, verging on Exorcist quality fits. It’s very strange, because he’s always been a very happy kid, and we can’t tell that anything is wrong with him. He just does not want to fall asleep and will arch his back and go crazy for anywhere from five to 30 minutes. Then, eventually, he just flat stops and is asleep. A trip to the doctor this morning revealed nothing, so we’re stuck hoping it’s just teeth or a phase. Not much fun at the moment though.
This week, we have two more window estimates coming, plus we meet with a lawyer about wills and such on Wednesday. Also, I came across Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks while walking through the young adult section of the library with Ellie, and I couldn’t resist picking it up as an obvious follow-on to Soon I Will Be Invincible. As always, feel free to send in your book recommendations.