Window Shopping: American Home Center

Recently, we refinanced out mortgage, as I have mentioned plenty of times before. The refinance was dual purpose: to get out of our ARM into a 30-year fixed, and to take some cash out for some remodeling projects. The first remodeling project is windows. We are looking to replace 10 double hung windows and our big picture window. The picture window may or may not end up being converted to a bay window.
American Home Center does things a little bit different from other window companies. They do all quotes over the phone or via email, instead of sending a guy out to your house. So on Thursday evening, I went around and measured all of our windows and sent in our quote request. The main product that they push is the American Jewel 3000 window, though they offer other windows too, like Pella and CertainTeed. This window is exclusive to them in the DC area, and is pretty comparable to the Thompson Creek window, with the only differences being the addition of foam insulation filler to this window instead of the multiple chambers of the Thompson Creek window. Their quote for our project was $4750. I still need to find out how much more a bay window would cost, because it sure sounds like it might actually be affordable with them (the quote was for replacing our picture window, not to put in a bay).
I found American Home Center by looking at the Washington Consumers Checkbook ratings in the library. They were highly rated by their customers for both quality and price, so I figured they were worth checking out. We are also planning on subscribing to Angie’s List to double check on all the prospective companies, and because we will be looking for someone to do our other projects down the road. Has anyone else subscribed to Angie’s List? Is it worth the $10 signup fee on top of the monthly subscription price?
We have Sears coming out for an estimate tomorrow, and one or two other quotes over the next couple of weeks, so look for more window posts in the coming weeks.

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  1. I’ve used Angie’s list before and had great results. Much better than randoms from the phonebook. It’s been worth it’s subscription price for sure.


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