Underwear Travails

You’d be surprised at how itchy certain areas of your body get when shaved. Yesterday I wore boxers for the first time since Friday, and that was a mistake. The itchiness was uncontrollable, and it turned out that I still needed some support that boxers do not provide. So off I went after work to Old Navy, where I saw they had two-packs of boxer briefs for $6. Old Navy is the freakin bomb. I also got 3 pairs of dress socks for $3.60 and 3 pairs of ankle socks for $3.60. Unbelievable.
Browsing the undies, I was looking for medium size (32-34 waist), but they only had one package of medium, and tons of large (36-38) and XL (40-42). So I bought the medium and one large too. But then, I got hope and ripped open the package, only to find that I had mistakenly bought two packages of briefs, not boxer briefs. Ugh. Back to the store after dinner, and I bought two packages of large boxer briefs. Got home, tried them on, and they provide no more support or itch relief than regular boxers. Argh! Well, what do I expect for $3, right?
Luckily for me, I had one pair of old clean boxer briefs left in my dresser, which are providing me with a blissful lack of itchiness today, so hopefully I can return the wrong sized new ones to a different Old Navy later on today. I never thought I’d be blogging about underwear.

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  1. Nor did we (Think you’d blog about underwear). Thanks for sharing way more than we wanted to know. By the way, I hope all went well. It does get better. Even with regular undies.


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