Evan Eats

This actually happened just after our trip to Disneyworld, but you saw how long it took me to get the Disney pictures up. Evan is eating solid food now! It’s still only about once a day, but it’s a start. It also seems he’s also not nearly as big a fan of solids as Ellie once was, but he’s getting into it. Now he only makes faces every other bite instead of every bite.

There’s that face. This was his first ever bite though so he was a little surprised at the taste.

Trying to figure out what to do with the spoon in his mouth. The answer was not sucking on it to get milk out of it, though he tried like heck.

He should be feeding himself soon enough. He liked trying to help you guide the spoon into his mouth.

He started getting happy by the end of the meal, and nowadays he usually likes eating. So far he seems to like sweet potatoes and pears.

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  1. FYI–His first food was bananas. Much more interesting that boring old rice cereal…


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