That’s a Relief

We closed on the refinancing of our house yesterday. Much to my relief, since rates have gone up from 6.00% when we locked in to 6.625% now. The representative showed up at our house at 3pm, when I was expecting him at 3:30pm. I could have sworn that it was 3:30pm when I called to confirm, but I may have just been tuning them out and putting my own time in my head. At any rate, after Lisa called me, I rushed home and we signed the 80 bazillion papers. The only thing I was slightly annoyed with was that they did not tell me sooner that, since our real estate taxes are due at the end of July (less than 60 days from closing), they would be paying them for us. That means that our initial closing costs were higher by about $2500, and that our cash out is initially lower. Still, we will be getting the escrow money back from our old mortgage company in a few weeks, and things will even out.
Lisa and I talked a bit last night about how to organize our finances. She is of the “simplify” train of thought, while I like to have my money sorted into different baskets so that I can keep it straight. To that end, we already have a savings account for our emergency fund, and I wanted to open a different one for the refi cashout, but we will have to negotiate on that for a couple of days. Has anyone tried this Mvelopes service? It seems a little pricey, but at the same time, it could keep our various savings funds straight for me without adding the complexity of multiple accounts. There are a couple of other applications that do similar things, but Mvelopes adds the simplicity of Yodlee by connecting to your financial institution and downloading your transactions for you, which you know I love.
The Yankees are now 2 games over .500, so I feel somewhat safe talking about their recent run. Of course, now watch Roger Clemens go out today and get himself hurt. But it’s been the offense that has finally come around. Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez are “en fuego.” The bullpen has finally been able to get some much needed rest thanks to the big leads the starters have gotten. And everyone is just playing more relaxed. Everything is easier when you’re having fun.

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