Liking Biking

I rode my bike to and from work again. This time though, I split it up over two days. I drove in yesterday morning with my bike in the trunk of the car, and also brought in all the stuff I would need for showering and such. Then yesterday afternoon, I rode the bike home. It took me 41 minutes to get home, not too shabby. This morning, I rode back to work in 38 minutes. This way of doing things works out well because it gives Lisa two days of air-conditioned car driving (the AC in the Intrepid is on the fritz and has been for a while), and it lets me have a longer rest between rides, while also allowing me to work a full day (if I rode my bike in the morning and afternoon, I would have to leave early to avoid the traffic that I wouldn’t get a full day in). Plus, since I can leave my cell phone in the car during the day (not allowed in our building), I can have it with me while riding. I will probably do it next week as well, weather and bike permitting (I need to get the bike tuned up, because it’s not shifting smoothly between gears due to neglect on my part). But that may be the last time for a few weeks. You’ll see why next Friday.
I want to thank the Anaheim Ducks and Arizona Wildcats for taking care of their opponents so efficiently last night that I did not have to stay up late watching their respective games. That made it a lot easier to get up to ride this morning. And hey, the Yankees’ bullpen got to rest last night! Chien-Ming Wang pitched their first complete game since last year, when he also accomplished the feat. Only 5 games under .500, with Roger coming back on Saturday. Knock on wood, maybe they really are turning it around.