It’s Wet Out There

If you saw the (awesome) end to the Yankees-Red Sox game last night, you have an idea of the weather that our baseball team played in yesterday morning. It was raining like that for half of our game. But, since we were playing the local high school team in a one shot deal, we decided to play on. We didn’t embarrass ourselves too badly. I was the first one up, and fought off a blazing fastball before popping out weakly to second base after flailing at a hard slider. I just missed extra bases on my second time up, hitting one just foul down the third base line, before getting jammed and grounding back to the pitcher. I really gotta work on staying off the plate a little more, or keeping my hands in, I get jammed way too often. My last time up I never had a chance against their hard throwing fireballer. He blew me away with high cheese. Not much happened in the field, aside from getting wet. I did put in a one inning appearance behind the plate, and had to remember how to catch all over again. I did catch a high popup straight over my head that I had no idea where it went for the first 5 seconds it was in the air. I finally looked up through the rain and found it and caught it. Then I held on to a foul tip for a third strike which ended the inning. We lost 9-3, but we really did hold them close for a few innings before we started throwing the ball around. It was fun anyway.
No joke, the Yankees are going to drive me insane before the year is over. Bobby Abreu needs to get his head out of his ass when he’s in the field. He looks like he doesn’t have a clue out there. And Derek Jeter has committed more errors at short than I can ever remember. Two in one inning on Saturday?!?! Insane. Can we get a starting pitcher to hold a damned lead for a change? Moose blows several on Saturday, and right after he gets staked to a 4-0 lead, Andy Pettitte blows it all the next half-inning. Well, they’re back to 6 games under .500, and somewhere around 6 back of the wild card. Still a lot of baseball to be played.