My Favorite Businesses

Free Money Finance has a little post about his favorite companies that I thought I would propogate here.
Costco – One of his favorites too. If it were closer to us, we’d probably be there all the time, if only to get Ellie her meal’s worth of samples. Good prices on quality stuff.
Microcenter – For all my geeky needs. They are geeky enough to have solder, but rational enough to have cheap HDTVs.
Starbucks – I cannot help myself. They are an evil empire, but deliciously evil.
Google – My life is stored online because of Google.
Chipotle – No, I do not care about the nutritional value, or lack thereof, of my burrito.
Other places I like: Whole Foods, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (refinancing through them now, it’s been a very good experience), farmers markets, Five Guys Burgers, Cenan’s Bakery, Norm’s Beer and Wine. I like supporting our local businesses.
Who do you like doing business with?