Can I Sleep Now?

Talk about your busy weekends. I’m no pro, but my liver got quite the workout. Saturday, we went up to Baltimore for the Orioles game, and Evan’s godmother’s birthday. Evan’s godfather Bill had some good beers, so I had to partake. We left the game at 9:15 since Evan was getting fussy, and surprisingly, the Orioles were scoring a lot of runs, meaning the fans were pretty loud. We didn’t get home until after 11pm, and yet Ellie was not wanting to go to sleep. On Sunday, we braved (or stupided, if I could verbify an adjective) the crowds of “Rolling Thunder” to head downtown, since our friend Mary Beth was doing a speech for the Quilt of Tears group. Getting down there on the Metro wasn’t too bad, but we were pretty well isolated and couldn’t get back to a Metro station except by walking all the way down to the Smithsonian station. Not going to do that again, though it was interesting to see all the people down at the Vietnam Memorial. We dropped the kids off at Mary Beth’s and headed out to the Jewish wedding that night. More free booze, this time the hard stuff. For the first time, a Manhattan tasted good to me. The wedding was fun, but the reception took a long time, and poor Mary Beth was subjected to an Evan crying fit before we got back.
Finally on Monday was our big sometimes annual Memorial Day BBQ. This year we had a whole bunch of families with kids from the neighborhood over, which was surprisingly fun. Lisa made some good beer selections at Costco, and we had some good sangria as well. The sprinkler was on, and summer is officially here. I just hope my liver survives it.