I Made It

I managed to ride my bike to work today, on the actual day, unlike last year when it was pouring rain and I wimped out. There’s still a chance of rain this afternoon, so we’ll see how that goes. It was a good day to ride, nice and cool, and I left early enough that there weren’t a huge amount of cars on the road.
Last night, I made butter. After reading about it on Z Recommends, we asked Ellie if she might want to try it sometime. She didn’t believe us that butter was made from milk/cream. So naturally, we had to show her. She didn’t want to shake the container, so I ended up doing it all. Evan helped a little, but then fell asleep on my lap to the rhythmic shaking. After shaking for a while (10 minutes maybe? I wasn’t keeping track), we had whipped cream. After shaking it really hard for another minute or so, the cream had separated out into butter and buttermilk, and we drained the buttermilk a couple of times, and then we were done. The butter from scratch was delicious on our Zingerman’s bread (Mother’s Day gift for Lisa). And Ellie was… mildly amazed.

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