Disneyworld Day 4: Animal Kingdom

Day 4 and we’re finally getting organized and coordinated with everyone. Virtually everyone arrived at the park around the same time, and we were able to head back to the safari ride and get our Fastpasses quickly.

Ellie and Colin’s favorite mode of transportation.
Ellie really loves going to the zoo, so we figured she would enjoy this park, and we were not mistaken. Even though we adults thought that it was kind of hokey that the safari was a ride, complete with a poacher storyline and all, Ellie loved the bouncy jeep and seeing all the animals.

Reminds me of Evan at the pool.

The giraffe crossed the road right in front of our jeep!

The storyline was that we were trying to save the baby elephant from the poachers. It may come as a shock to you, but we successfully completed our “mission!”

After the safari, we headed over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the educational portion of the park. The kids got to pet goats and see a bunch of characters and participate in an educational sing-along with “Guitar Dan.”

Rafiki, Pocahontas and Jiminy Cricket. Not too sure how Jiminy fits in with the nature theme though.

Petting goats. Ellie preferred to brush their hair, like she does at home with Max.
Back at the main part of the park, we set out to DinoLand USA. The kids enjoyed the dinosaur-themed playground, and also liked some of the rides. I managed to sneak away to ride a couple of rides. The Primeval Whirl got stuck while I was riding it and sucked, but Expedition Everest was probably the best of the few adult rides I had the chance to ride. Colin had fun digging in the Boneyard, while Ellie enjoyed the Triceratops Spin.

No children were harmed in taking this photo.

Our last order of the day was to catch “Finding Nemo – The Musical.” Finding Nemo is one of the few Disney movies that Ellie has seen and really knows, so we figured she would enjoy the show. She did, for the five minutes of it she was awake for. She fell asleep shortly after the lights went down, and missed all the fun. The show wasn’t quite on par with the Lion King musical that Lisa and I saw on stage a few years back, but it was still pretty cool.
The Animal Kingdom park closes earlier than the other ones, so that the animals can get their rest. That was fine with us, because after four days on the go, we were ready for some rest too!