Disneyworld Day 3: Calm and Characters

After the excitement of meeting Cinderella on Day 2, Day 3 was a much more laid back kind of day. We arrived at the park early again, with our only plans lunch at the Plaza restaurant at 11:30. We lucked out and got in line to see Ariel right after it opened up, and hardly had to wait.

Ellie rode the Peter Pan ride for about the umpteenth time, and we went on the teacups, but she didn’t want to spin (thank goodness for small favors!). We saw the Country Bear Jamboree and did a few other things before hearing from Lisa’s parents and agreeing to meet at the Jungle Cruise. We lucked out again though, and saw Peter Pan and Wendy along the way.

Evan meets Peter Pan, and promptly decides to barf. Seriously, he spit up right after this picture. Peter was a good sport though, and still allowed Evan to sit on his lap for a picture.

We arrived at the Jungle Cruise to learn that the in-laws had already gotten in line, contrary to instructions. They thought the line was moving pretty fast, but it wasn’t, and we ended up being a little late for lunch. After lunch, we took the chance to take a few last pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Colin with his mouse ears.

Evan with his.
After almost three days at the Magic Kingdom, we had our fill, and headed back to the hotel to relax for a little while. Lisa and I had our dinner reservations later that night, so her parents were going to watch the kids at our place. That meant plenty of time for fun at the pool.

Plenty of sunscreen allowed pictures like this to be taken pain-free.

Look at that chubby belly! Isn’t he the cutest?

OK, I take it back, sleeping babies are the cutest. It’s very tiring being a baby at Disneyworld.

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  1. The Country Bear Jamboree was by far the worst show we saw at Disney…HORRIBLE. If anyone out there has time to waste, waste it on something else and skip this show.


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