Still Got It

On Saturday morning, I learned that I can still run a 7 minute mile without any training whatsoever. 7 minutes after the race started, I learned that I probably shouldn’t try that again.
The Baptist church up the street from us was holding a “Fun Run” to raise money for their Children’s Center. We figured that since the race went right by our house, and we play at their playground almost every day, we should lend our support. About a minute before the race was going to start, Lisa says, “You can run if you want to, I can push Ellie and Evan in the stroller.” And me in my jeans shorts and keys in my pockets. So I ran. I felt pretty good until I hit the two hills in the course. I finished 5th overall, but got nothing for my effort since the overall winner was in my age group, and only the top finisher in each age group got anything. Oh well, next year, maybe I’ll actually try training!
Nothing much to report from the baseball game yesterday. I struck out twice and walked once. I think I need to hit the batting cages, because I’m not getting very good swings up there.
This Friday is Ride Your Bike to Work Day. I signed up to do it, but I’m regretting that now that I can barely walk. I will give it my best anyway, but I’ll make sure Lisa can come pick me up at work if I don’t think I can make it home.