K7 for Free Incoming Faxes

I’m going through the process of getting our house refinanced right now, and as a part of this, I needed to get documents faxed to me. Yeah, I can use the work fax machine, but sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable with this, especially when I don’t know when the fax is coming. K7 offers a free (!) voicemail/fax number for this exact purpose. All you need to sign up on their website is an email address. You set up a PIN, and decide whether you want messages stored on their site and/or sent to your email (I chose to send it to my email). After you sign up, you’re assigned a random number in the 206 (Seattle) area code. If you don’t use the account for 30 days, the number expires and goes back in the pool, but you can re-register and get a new one if needed. For me, we should be done with the whole thing somewhere around that time, so hopefully I don’t have to worry about it.
I tested it out by sending myself a fax from the work machine and it worked fine. The only strange part was that I had to press “Start” once the phone picked up to make it aware that I was faxing. A minor issue, really. I just got a “Good Faith Estimate” faxed to me from one of the banks, and the quality is quite good, about the same as a regular fax. The emails are sent with TIFF attachments, which store multiple pages in a single file. These can easily be printed out if needed.

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  1. I used a similar program when I started my law practice. I couldn’t afford a new all-in-one machine at the time and I was stuck with my printer. Sounds like you’ll have less trouble than I will when I went to close my account.


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