Useful Stuff for Worried New Parents

One of the things that bugged me as a new parent was that we could go into a drugstore and buy infant ibuprofen or Tylenol, but the enclosed dosage chart would always say “Call your doctor” if your child was under a certain age or weight. We’d always forget what the allowed dosage was, so we’d call the doctor with a screaming kid asking how much we could give her. Why this information has to be a secret, I have no idea. Eventually, the doctor was able to give us a chart with Tylenol dosages on it.
So here, for all new parents’ viewing pleasure, is a list of medicines and links to their recommended dosages. Thanks Dr. Sears!

1 thought on “Useful Stuff for Worried New Parents”

  1. Thanks for the dosage chart. I’ve had the same problem with Drew. Due to the fact I am just paranoid, I ended up giving him the lowest possible dose. Now, I’ll just ask Dr.Sears!!


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