Short Political Aside

Last night, the Republican Presidential candidates had their first “debate” at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The candidates waxed nostalgic about Reagan, while it was clear that none of them could hold a candle to him. John McCain has lost just about any “maverick” status he once had, as he has turned into a wishy-washy pandering politician like the rest of them. Front runners Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani did nothing to hurt themselves while the rest of the candidates did nothing to distinguish themselves. Oh wait, yes they did. Three of them raised their hands and said they did not believe in evolution.
The moderator posed the question to John McCain, as it was the top vote-getter in MSNBC’s poll of what to ask the candidates.
Moderator: “They want a yes or no: Do you believe in evolution?”
McCain: “(Very slight pause) Yes.”
Moderator: “I’m curious, is there anybody on the stage who does not agree and does not believe in evolution?” (I think the moderator is surprised that this was thought to be an interesting question to ask) Two candidates, Sam Brownback of Kansas and Mike Huckabee from Arkansas, immediately raise their hands. Tom Tancredo of Colorado appears to look over and notice that they raised their hands, and realizes that if he is going to pander to the Christian Right, he needs to raise his hand as well.
It boggles the mind.
Just to lighten things up a bit, here’s the Final Jeopardy from last night, which I got correct. This person is next in the current Presidential line of succession after Robert Byrd. I was psyched that I got it right over my International Relations majoring wife, who didn’t recognize Robert Byrd.

4 thoughts on “Short Political Aside”

  1. Hey!! I knew who Robert Byrd was, I just didn’t know how he fit into the whole succession line! Give me SOME credit for working on the Hill. Geez.


  2. First, I’m not going to guess because Shelly will inevitably get it right before me. Second, umm Lisa majored in INTERNATIONAL relations. How about a question about who succeeds the Queen of England? Or the Italian Prime Minister? Huh? We’ll see how smart you are then. Just no boiling water questions. 😉


  3. Correct, except I phrased it wrong and should have mentioned that they were looking for the name of the person, not the position they hold. I assume everyone knows it’s Condoleeza Rice.


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