First Dentist Visit

Ellie had her first dentist’s visit yesterday, to get that tooth checked out, as I mentioned recently. I suppose it could have gone worse. She could have bit the dentist’s finger, cried bloody murder, etc. Instead, she steadfastly refused to open her mouth for a solid 15 minutes. Finally, after exhausting all positive motivators, I pried her mouth open with my own fingers, and the dentist was able to get a look. He said that it looks like she didn’t have a good enamel covering on that part of her tooth, perhaps caused by a slight chipping of the tooth some time ago. However, since it’s squarely on the side of the tooth, it’s a difficult filling, and since she didn’t want to open her mouth in the first place, probably not worth the effort to fill.
Ellie was really super nervous about the visit, but she did warm up to the hygienist after we were done, so hopefully that bodes well for future visits. Since I have open enrollment coming up in July, I’ll be sure to get Ellie on our dental plan, even though yesterday’s visit only cost us about $30. We will have to start taking her for regular cleanings later this year, and hopefully they will go better than this first visit.