That’s Not Good

Ellie has never been a fan of brushing teeth. She protests nearly nightly at the ordeal. Well, she’s about to get a lesson on why you need to brush your teeth, because it looks like she already has her first cavity.
She’s had a tender spot on her bottom right rear molar, but we’ve never noticed anything wrong with it before. The top surface of the tooth is fine. But last night, while brushing her teeth, I caught a glimpse of something brown, and took a closer look. It didn’t come off with brushing, though it didn’t hurt her particularly either. It doesn’t look good to my untrained eye, like something rotten for sure. My nephew Austin had to have a cavity filled AND a root canal already, so I’ve been hitting my brother up for advice. Hopefully we don’t have to go through anything as crazy as that. Our appointment is for Thursday.
Naturally I didn’t put Ellie on our dental insurance for this year, since the dentist said she could probably wait another year. Thanks for that. Our open enrollment is in July, so she’ll be getting on for sure then.

2 thoughts on “That’s Not Good”

  1. I am so sorry to hear that!!!! I hate going to the dentist and had a lot of cavities as a kid. I swear I would let all my teeth rot out of my head if I didn’t love eating so much. I still dread that moment when they are poking around and suddenly pause. Colin just had his second cleaning a few weeks ago. I love his dentist — she’s great with kids. She suggested that we get him an electric toothbrush (cheap kind with batteries) to help encourage brushing. Colin has never really fought us on brushing but he definately loves his new Thomas brush. We still do some of the brushing to make sure he gets in those hard to reach spots. Good luck!!!


  2. Must be bad dental karma as I cracked a tooth on Wednesday. Not a crown but a tooth. have no idea how it happened but can only guess that an old filling failed. Trying to get into the dentist now.


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