Take Brady Quinn, Please!

Anyone who knows me will realize that I despise Notre Dame. Hate em. So I laughed when Brady Quinn wasn’t taken by the Browns, as expected, at #3. I laughed harder when they showed him at age 4 in the Browns uniform. (I had the same thing for the Giants, and I think my brother had the Cowboys equivalent. We would play in the backyard in our “helmets” and “shoulder pads” until the days when we started hitting each other too hard. I think at one point one of us undercut the other’s legs while jumping for a pass, causing a scary moment of landing on one’s head.) But no way should he have dropped to #22. A travesty, I say. Clearly the Dolphins should have taken him (I feel a Dolphins draft mistake video coming on), but I even though the Jets (do you really trust Chad Pennington to stay healthy?), Jaguars (ditto re: Byron Leftwich) or Chiefs (Trent Green is 37 and you’re trying to trade him) should have pulled the trigger. Instead, those teams allowed Cleveland to make a deal to trade back up and get him. Even though it cost them their first rounder next year, you have to think that the Browns are one of the most improved teams on paper, adding a stud LT, franchise QB, and Jamal Lewis to their squad.
The Giants always frustrate me with their picks. Aaron Ross may be good, but they have failed in their DB picks in the past. Taking Steve Smith where they did in the second round was a good value, but they just took Sinorice Moss last year, and needed O-line help and more help on defense.
I had my second baseball game of the season yesterday and played 5 of the 8 positions, all three outfield spots and third and short. Solid game all around, and we are dominating this fledling four team league. I made a couple of easy plays in centerfield, and a good play on a slow grounder to my right at short, throwing out one of their fastest players by a step. My only bobble came at third base, when, with the bases loaded, I fielded a ground ball, stepped on third, and threw home. My throw was a little off, and the run scored. Still, it was already 21-1 or something at that point, but still. At the plate, I lined out weakly to short my first time up, victimized by the umpire’s shaky strike zone. Since I was the second guy up, I was surprised that fast balls at my ankles scooped out of the dirt by the catcher were called strikes, but the ump was consistently calling those and I adjusted later. The next time up, I fell behind by shaky calls again, and grounded to third, but hustled down the line enough to cause a low throw to first and I was safe. My last two at-bats were my best ones, against the other team’s best pitcher. The first time, I decided I was swinging at the first pitch and wouldn’t let him get ahead of me. He grooved me a fast ball, and I drilled it into the left field corner where it either hopped over the fence, or went through an opening for a ground rule double. The next time up, he got ahead of me, and I choked up on the bat to line a two strike single over shortstop. He made a nice pitch, putting a slider low in the zone, that the ump would have called a strike, so I had to swing, and got a good piece of it. The last two at-bats felt good, and got me off the schneid. Hopefully I can keep it going next week.

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  1. Millen sucks. Did the freaking Lions need yet another WR? Second freaking pick of the draft and they take a WR? Like that position was something that the Lions needed improvement when they have lost Dre Bly?? What an idiot. Looks like the Lions might actually get the first pick of the draft next year.


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