Ready to Feel Old?

Kids born in 1990 will be eligible to vote in next year’s Presidential Election. A couple of benchmarks to show you how long ago 1990 is:
Milli Vanilli won their “Best New Artist” Grammy.
Mike Tyson’s championship reign ended at the hands of Buster Douglas.
Marion “Bitch Set Me Up” Barry was arrested for drug possession.
The Soviet Union officially disbanded.
Germany officially reunited.
The Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit.
The first World Wide Web page was written.
Margaret Thatcher ended her tenure as British Prime Minister.
The Gulf War started.
Super Nintendo was released.
The first episode of MTV Unplugged aired (trivia: who was the artist on this first episode?)
Farm Aid was already on tour #4.
Pearl Jam played their first show as a band.
Michael Crichton published Jurassic Park.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Wings, In Living Color, Beverly Hills 90210, America’s Funniest Home Videos and Law & Order premiered.
Home Alone, Ghost, Dances With Wolves, Pretty Woman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the first one) were the top-grossing films. Dances With Wolves won the Best Picture Oscar. Back to the Future III also came out in 1990.
Sammy Davis, Jr, Jim Henson, and Roald Dahl (among others) died.
End nostalgia trip.

3 thoughts on “Ready to Feel Old?”

  1. The first episode of MTV Unplugged aired….

    wasn’t it Elton John? I remember him railing against the overproduced crap coming including the Milli Vanilli crap.


  2. Not Elton John (apparently he was episode #13). A hint: Technically the first episode of Unplugged was a repeat of the pilot episode which actually aired on November 26, 1989.


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