My Last Night

Very strange night last night. I got home and checked out the monitor. Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: if the backlight on your LCD monitor (or TV) goes bad, like mine did, you can shine a bright light at the screen and still see the outline of what is displayed. I did that with mine and saw the outline of the Windows login box. Freaky and cool.
Evan had his second “solid” food meal of bananas. I forgot how babies will try to suck on the spoon instead of eating from it like we do. It is awesome and I have 15 minutes of video from his first time.
Ellie fell asleep on the La-Z-Boy before dinner around 6pm, and we eventually moved her into her bed. She didn’t wake up until 6am when a thunderstorm rattled the windows. This was probably a good preview of her teenage years, though I expect the sleep window to shift more to midnight to noon.
After dinner, I went out to Staples and picked up this Acer 19″ widescreen monitor. It’s actually about the same height as our old 17″ LCD, but much wider. The HD looks sweet on it, and the price is pretty good for the specs it has.
I didn’t get around to doing any picture stuff, because Lisa had email and finance stuff to catch up on, so look for Disney stuff on Monday, conditions permitting.
After taking out the recycling, I went downstairs to watch TV since I wasn’t really tired yet and watched about the first hour of “Saw,” as edited for TV by the Sci-Fi Channel. Disturbing yet intriguing movie so far. I had no idea that Ben from Lost was in it though! And Amanda is Rhonda, the pregnant student from Summer School! I haven’t finished watching it yet, so don’t ruin it for me.