Some kids have imaginary friends, my daughter has an imaginary child, Madeline. Madeline does a lot of the same things Ellie does: goes to school, has playdates, and so on. For the longest time, I just figured this was her imaginary friend. But then I noticed she would push her around in the stroller, drop her off at school, and do other parent-kid type things with her. Then last night, we’re sitting at Carvel, enjoying our buy-one-get-one-free chocolate milkshakes (it’s Fudgie the Whale’s 30th birthday!), with Ellie enjoying her ice cream with sprinkles from the Sprinkle Tower. Then she launches into a story about when Madeline was in her tummy, and she really wanted to get out, and then she was born.
Yes, my daughter has her own imaginary daughter, complete with her own imaginary birth story. On the plus side, this should make the “where do babies come from” discussion easier….

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  1. The “where do babies come from” conversation will be easier, but the “How are babies made” conversation will still be interesting.


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