Hard to believe, but we’re finally back from vacation. Only 117 new messages in my email, not including the 41 in my work email. We also had 10 messages on our voicemail, half of which were Lisa’s dad: “We’re standing in front of Cinderella’s castle, where are you?” My apologies to those whose blogs I read. I have about 1500 items backed up in Google Reader, so I probably won’t be commenting on anything any time soon.
A quick story from yesterday which chronicles the jolt back to real life from Disney life. At Disney World, we never had to do anything. Our meals were (mostly) taken care of by our dining plan, our room was cleaned up every day by housekeeping, we were taken back and forth from the parks on regular shuttle buses. When we got back to DC, we quickly discovered that life isn’t like that everywhere. Travelling with two small children, including a three-year-old who slept on the flight and did NOT want to wake up, you bring a bit of luggage with you. We had three suitcases, a stroller, and two car seats. These just do not want to fit on one of the “Smarte Cartes.” The car seat will fall over constantly. So after I got all of our crap off the baggage claim, I went in search of a skycap to help us to the parking shuttle. The first guy I went to started over, then asked, “Did you fly Southwest?” I said yes, and he replied that he would get fired if he helped me. Huh? I go up to a different skycap, same response. I walk up to a third skycap, wave a $20 bill in his face, and tell him it’s his if he walks the 500 feet to the shuttle bus with our bags. He looks over at some ornery looking guy, who shakes his head. So I walk up to the guy and ask what’s going on. He says they don’t have a contract with Southwest. Huh times two? I don’t know if it’s because Southwest is new to Dulles or what, but frankly, I could give a flying fuck. It’s an airport, you’re a skycap, my contract with Southwest ended when I took my bags off the carousel. Why do you care? Not to mention the fact that a skycap met us when we departed and took our bags from the shuttle TO THE SOUTHWEST CHECKIN! Now I’m not even asking you to deal with Southwest, and they still won’t take my bags. Finally, one of them gives his cart to either a Southwest employee or an airport employee, and he helps us the 500 feet to the shuttle. He was tipped well. All others got the finger.
Rant over, more pleasant Disney stories ahead in the coming days. I haven’t even had the chance to turn on my home computer, let alone get pictures uploaded, but hopefully I will have time for that soon.