Disney Trivia for Adults

To hold your interest until I have the chance to get my pictures and thoughts on our Disney trip in order, I offer this challenge:
How much did it cost for Lisa and me to have dinner at Victoria and Albert’s restaurant, located at the Grand Floridian Disney hotel? Do not include tip, but be sure to account for adult beverages, since it was our night away from the kids.

7 thoughts on “Disney Trivia for Adults”

  1. I’ll lowball a little and say $200 total. Is this a situation like the Price is Right where it is the closest without going over?


  2. I assume that this was not included in the Disney dining plan. If not, it would be about $250 since I doubt that Lisa drank much.


  3. My guess would be a total of 350.00. That would include beer/wine and desserts because the desserts at Disney are freakin’ amazing. Please give as many “TIPS” for traveling with three year old because I will be making the “Mouse House” run next year with Drewman.


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