Latest on Roger

Doh! Roger is back in the hospital. Wendy has updates:

I regret to say that Roger is back in the hospital. He is extremely dehydrated and still fighting an infection. He had been feeling very tired and started running a fever yesterday. We went to the ER last night at the request of his doctor so they could give him some IV fluids. It is definately a different experience checking in through the ER than when you have something scheduled! Unfortunately they have not located a bed for him so he is still in the ER. Luckily, he is in a room at the ER and not hanging out in the hallway like many other people we saw last night.

The doctors warned us that it is a significant challenge to stay hydrated after this surgery. Basically everything that he drinks is going right through him so his body isn’t absorbing enough. The challenge is to slow the digestive process down which they will be focusing on through supplements and medications. They ran another CT scan to try and assess the infection and it looks like he may have another possible infected area. The good news is the other area of infection has gotten smaller.

After 15 days in the hospital, it is the last place Roger wants to be. I know this has been very difficult on him and these complications are not making things any easier. I’m very proud of him for following his doctor’s orders, handling his own care, and staying positive through all this. It has been more difficult than we could have imagined. I’ll pass along his new room information when I get it. He will most likely be there for a few days.

And another update this morning:

I just called and woke him up so I think he’s trying to get some rest this am. He has a couple of procedures scheduled for today. All of them sound fairly unpleasant. Other than that he seems to be doing all right.

Thanks for everyone’s support and kind words. It means a lot to us to have so many great friends and family. On a selfish note, I especially appreciate everyone’s concerns about me and offers to help with our kids. My respect for single parents has increased tremendously and it makes me feel good that other parents understand the fun (and sometimes not so fun) challenges of raising these little people.

I have had the priviledge of travelling a bit in my single days and know that there are many people on this earth that have far more difficult situations than I. I will never forget travelling to South Africa and watching people stand in line for hours just to get a gallon of drinking water. Others in a mountain top community spent an entire day walking downhill to get firewood and then carrying it back up. So, when I am feeling exhausted, frustrated, short on patience or cringing at piles of laundry and the appearance of my house, I try to remember that there are many people who have far less than I.

Luckily we have a very supportive family and my mother is in her glory when her children need her. She’s been helping a lot with the boys while I work and go back and forth to the hospital. Colin is headed to Disney World next week with Roger’s folks, sister’s family and auntie’s family, so I think that will give us all a little break. He’s pretty concerned about his dad and it has been hard to explain what is going on. Hopefully Mickey Mouse and crew will take his little mind off of things.

I know Ellie is very excited about our Disney trip, so hopefully she can help Colin have a little fun.