Heavy Seas Holy Sheet

Thanks to Roger, Wendy, Colin and Sam for buying me the beer glass set for my birthday. Lisa bought me a 4 pack of Delirium Tremens which I poured into the tulip glass. Somehow I thought I had reviewed it already, but it turns out that was the Nocturnum. I’ll have to review Tremens later. For now, I used the Belgian goblet for this Abbey-style beer.
Poured a brownish burgundy color with a thin head into my new Belgian goblet. A bit of a yeasty aroma, mixed with estery alcohol.
The taste was quite nice, not too much alcohol despite the 9% label. I picked up some definite fruity notes, perhaps some cherry, along with the yeast mixed with fruity alcohol and malty sweetness. A nice tartness going down, with a slightly bitter but dry finishing kick.
Sometimes I think Clipper City goes overboard with the high alcohol content on their Heavy Seas line, but this one worked pretty well.
Overall rating 4.05