Happy 8th!!

To me…And to my beautiful wife!! Time sure has flown by and I feel blessed to still have her by my side. It seems like yesterday, or at least last week, that we were married at St Elizabeth Seton in Naperville and looking forward to the honeymoon in the Bahamas! With the weather in KC at 47 degrees and raining, I sure wish we were on our way back. We celebrated on Friday with a nice dinner at Johnny Carino’s, a movie – Shooter with Mark Wahlberg (3 out of 5 if you want a review, maybe 2.5 but we enjoyed it) and a little bed n breakfast overnight stay w/o the chillins for an evening. A great, relaxing evening for us – much needed (Thanks Mimi!).

Jenn – I love you more today than I did yesterday but less than I will tomorrow!