Always lovely to pick up the phone at 11:30am, with your wife on the other end pleading with you to come home, and the baby screaming in the background, then arriving home to find out it was the dog that was the problem. Seems Max had a dangler that he brought into the house and managed to get all over the place before Lisa locked him in the bathroom. It was left to me to clean up his rear end, and try to clean the carpet until we got our carpet cleaner back from our friends (Lisa’s at home now cleaning with the machine). Max will be going to the groomer’s to get that pesky ass hair taken care of as soon as possible.
And now you officially have too much information.

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2 thoughts on “Derailed”

  1. you are absolutely correct (tmi) and deserve the responsibility of cleaning the poo for having shared that with us.

    pretty funny visual though.


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