So of course we never made it out for our picnic on Friday. As I was leaving work, I realized it was just too damn cold for a picnic (oh, how I long for the days where it’s too hot for a penguin). Instead, we headed out to pick up our Easter pictures, and stopped for lunch at Chutzpah, the New York deli near the mall. Great choice. I blew the Lenten meatless thing all out, and had their Sailor sandwich (pastrami with knockwurst, grilled onions, and melted swiss on rye). Didn’t even come close to finishing it, but man, it was good. The better news is that not only do they have a location closer to our house, but that location will be open for dinner now.
After lunch, we ended up at the bowling alley, a nice safe indoor, WARM activity. You know I’m getting old when I hurt myself bowling. I think I have some sort of carpal tunnel issues, because the first ball I threw must have come out of my hand funny, and yanked my two fingers a bit out of whack. Now, I have occasional shooting pains when gripping things with my right hand. I suspect it has something to do with holding the kids mainly with that arm, and I’m hoping that if I’m careful it will get better. Still, how embarrassing to get hurt bowling!
On Saturday we had our annual Shriners Easter egg hunt. Ellie did a lot better grabbing them off the ground quickly, and we didn’t even have to dip into our safety stash (in case she didn’t get many). She had a good time watching the puppet show too. And of course, Saturday night, MSU won the hockey championship!
On Sunday morning, we heard Ellie’s door rattling open, and she wandered out into the dining room where her Easter basket was sitting. She stopped dead in her tracks, and ran back into our bedroom and whispered to Lisa, “Mama, I want some breakfast…. And the Easter Bunny brought me Crocs!” We had gotten her special Disney Crocs for our trip to Disney World, and obviously she was pretty excited. She loved all the stuff she got, making it kind of like a mini-Christmas. She was even better at finding the eggs this year, though it took her a while to find the one we always hide right at her eye level on the china cabinet.
We wrapped up the weekend with a yummy Easter brunch at our friends’ place. They are way too fancy for us, so we love it. Mimosas and ham, can’t beat that.
Oh, and don’t forget that the Islanders made the playoffs on Sunday after a heart-attack inducing last second (literally) goal by New Jersey to send the game to overtime. Thankfully, the Isles came away with the win in the shootout, eking their way into the playoffs where they are bound to get crushed by the Buffalo Sabres who have MSU alum Ryan Miller in goal. Nothing like middly mediocrity for my New York teams. Squeak into the playoffs, out in the first round.
For your Monday amusement, Bring Your Own Big Wheel racing down Lombard Street in San Francisco (the famous twisty street).