Nats Win!

After two horrible efforts in their first two games, it looked like the Nationals were well on their way to another demoralizing loss. #3 starter Matt Chico gave up 6 runs in 4 innings of work as the Marlins took a 6-1 lead into the bottom of the 6th inning. But then Ryan Church hit a three-run homer, and the bullpen held the Marlins scoreless for the last 5 innings, allowing the Nats to have a chance against Jorge Julio in the bottom of the ninth. Julio only managed to record one out, and that was on a Felipe Lopez sacrifice bunt, as the Nationals put up three runs to win it. Dmitri Young came through with the game winning “hit,” which was really a sacrifice fly that the left-fielder was hoping would land in foul territory.
It was the first win for Manny-ger Acta. A nice job by the bullpen, and his boys never gave up. Good signs going forward, even if they did get whupped for 23 innings. They’ll need more wins like this if they’re going to be better than 63-99 (my preseason prediction).