Opening Day 2007

Tragically, we left the battery for the camera sitting in the charger, instead of in the camera. Again. So we don’t have fabulous Opening Day pictures, just this one of me and the kids.

The game was fairly well attended, with reportedly 40,389 fans filling the old Canyon for one last opening day. We actually drove for a change, and Lot 8 was full by the time we got there, and we had to pull around to Lot 7. We lathered ourselves up with sunscreen and headed inside. It was supposed to be free Hat Day, but our entrance ran out before we got there. Ellie and I got one later on as they restocked. Not a good sign for the ownership when they can’t keep the free hats in stock.
We smartly got our food before heading to our seats. The place was packed, so the lines were long all day long, except at the beginning, when people trickled in and tried to find their seats. Unfortunately, the beer stand outside our section, which carried something called Home Run Ale along with Pilsner Urquell, did not have any beer. Wha huh? Unbelievable, strike two against the ownership.
The festivities were just wrapping up when we got to our seats, in time for the really loud jet flyover and loud fireworks. Evan was not impressed. Neither was Ellie. After the ceremonial first pitches, John Patterson threw out the first for the Nats, a strike. I jokingly turned to Lisa and said, “Let’s go!” We should have gone. The next pitch was lined to right field for a ground-rule double by Hanley Ramirez. The Marlins touched Patterson for 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings. Dan Uggla and Miguel Cabrera are on steroids, both hitting monster upper deck shots. Uggla’s in particular was the longest I’ve seen in RFK Canyon.
At least they got out of there unhurt. Oops. Nook Logan hurt his foot running into the wall after another Uggla blast. At least he caught it. Ryan Church moved over to center as prospect Chris Snelling took over in left. And Snelling promptly misplayed a line drive toward the gap, doing his best Alfonso Soriano impression. Christian Guzman also tweaked his hamstring in his first game back after missing all of last year.
The bright spots were Ryan Zimmerman, who went 2-4 and had a couple of nice defensive plays, and Dmitri Young, who also went 2-4 with 2 doubles and reasonably solid play at first base. He made a nice play on a grounder that bounced off the first base bag, staying with it and tossing to Patterson covering. The best part of the game? Spotting Big Head Teddy Roosevelt up on RFK’s roof prior to the Presidents Race. Ole TR never won a race last year, and this year we were told he had trained in the offseason for the races. Unfortunately for him, he was stuck on the roof while John Patterson struggled through the fourth inning. Finally, the inning ended, and TR zip-lined down towards home plate, but ended up hanging in the air before they let him down. He was DQed for “flying,” in the first of many entertaining DQs, I am sure.
One down, 161 to go. Or if you’re optimistic like Manny Acta, the “Manny-ger” of the Nats, “We’re tied for second, with the rest of the league who lost today.”