Thith Tooth Feelth Loothe

Just about two years ago (or so) Taylor had gotten hit by a tire swing at her school and basically killed one of her front teeth. If you looked close enough, you could tell that the tooth was a little darker than the others. We were told by the dentist that it would not be that big of a deal and to let it go until it fell out. The only thing we needed to look for was an abscess, basically a signal that there could be an infection. Last weekend while we were in Aurora, IL, that abscess showed up and we had to make a quick trip to Dr. Lovelace in Hinsdale, IL. I also talked to my friend Glenn to find out what we should do. The only real solution was to have the tooth pulled. We actually had Dr. Lovelace just drain the abscess and had our Dentist in Gardner, KS pull the tooth earlier this week. Let me just say that Taylor did great and she was a trooper for both dental visits!! It has been pretty strange getting used to Taylor’s new smile sans one big tooth:


But she is so damn quite, she can pull just about anything off (see orange hair from Halloween 2005) !!

Posted in KC