Rock me Like a Hurricane

That’s right…Here I am!!

The lack of posts lately has been solely due to the fact that I/we have been super busy. I have realized that many don’t know what’s going on with us these days so an update is needed. The first will be about what I am up to. The second will be about the family, with pictures!!

Where to begin?? Well it has been over a month since the last news (the big man’s birthday) and a lot has happened since that time. A month and a half ago I posted about the launch of my redesign. We have received a lot of great feedback on the content, the ease of administration and overall user-friendlyness. What has that brought for me? I started looking for other contracts and full-time opportunities which seemed more plentiful than just six months ago. That was a welcome change and brought interview opportunities that were in a field that I actually wanted to be in and positions I would actually enjoy. I ended up taking a short-term contract through CIBER(make sure you look up Douglas King if you are in KC, he worked wonders for me!!) for a position at VML in Downtown Kansas City as a Web Producer/Designer. I was still hoping that a position would work out at Jenn’s company but I was dropped from consideration in the latter stages of interviewing…It was kind of a bummer and I felt pretty crappy about it but with the bad came some great only a week later. I was offered a full-time position with VML and got very positive feedback about my work ethic and ability to pick things up quickly. That was certainly nothing to feel crappy about and now will have the opportunity to stay long-term with a great company doing some very cool things. The benefits of the job are pretty incredible and will be great for the family (even more than the free soda and boulevard beer on Fridays). The client I work for is Colgate-Palmolive so I do work on websites for Colgate, Palmolive, Lady Speed Stick, Speed Stick and anything else under the Colgate Palmolive umbrella. More to come on that in the near future…And some potential side projects are in the works. Stay tuned.