It’s Only Happened Once Before

I’m something of a frugal kind of guy. I don’t buy new clothes for the sake of having something new. As a result, I wear them till they wear out. This has really only backfired on me once before, but today it happened again.
I picked out a long-sleeved shirt to wear this morning oout of my closet, and put on my jacket to take the dog outside. I got to work, took the jacket off, sat down, checked email, had some coffee. An hour later, I realize my left elbow is feeling chilly. Sure enough, there a huge hole in the elbow. This happened to me once before about 8 years ago, back when I worked at EDS and we had to wear suits and I wore a hole in one of the dress shirts in my far-too-small rotation of dress shirts. This time, I just plain wore it out after 5-6 years of regular wear-and-tear.
So if you haven’t gotten me a birthday present yet (one week from tomorrow, hint, hint), I could use some work shirts to fill the hole (ahem) in my wardrobe.