More on the Scope It Out 5K

I mentioned that we managed to finish the 5K in one piece, but there was a lot that happened that day that I didn’t fit into that post.
We started the day early, getting up at 6am to try to beat the roadblocks. Ellie had luckily fallen asleep before 8pm the night before, so by the time she got up just before 7am, she was actually well rested, if not completely coherent. She actually had an accident before we left, so we had to scramble to change her clothes and get her ready.
In spite of all our planning, we turned out to be somewhat poorly equipped. The forecast was for mid-50s and cloudy, but it was really drizzling and colder the whole time. Fortunately, the kids were under the stroller canopy, and only got their feet a little wet, and Lisa and I stayed warm by, well, doing the 5K.
We made it downtown just after 7am, only to find that the roads we were expecting to close later had already closed. We had to detour back across the bridge into Virginia and down across the 14th Street bridge. This actually turned out to our benefit, as we found a spot in the lot that was closest to the start/finish line, about 2/3 of a mile away.
We ate a quick breakfast in the car out of the rain before we headed up for the race check-in. We got our race bibs and took our picture on the stage and headed to the start line. We had to maneuver the double-wide jogging stroller through some of the crowds, but it wasn’t an ultra-competitive race, everyone was cool about letting us in. At some point, the crowd started moving in fits and starts, and we crossed the start line about 2 minutes after the clock started. We ran for about a quarter mile, until Lisa had trouble with her asthma. She had brought her inhaler, but didn’t bring it to the start line. Luckily, since we parked in a lot right on course, I was able to run ahead and get it and bring her some much needed relief.
The rest of the race was fairly uneventful, and according to my watch, we finished just over 44 minutes. You can see me in the official men’s results and Lisa in the women’s results.
After the race, a nice lady gave Ellie and Evan little bunny toys to take home. Apparently, Charles Kraenzle (whose foundation sponsored the race) always had a toy for the kids he saw, and she was carrying on that tradition. Ellie was happy to get something for being such a good girl for that long race.
We had to get back to our car quickly since Ellie was signed up for a class at 10am at the National Zoo. The race had originally been scheduled for 8am, but with the start pushed back to 8:30am, our timeline was seriously crunched. And with the marathon still going on, getting to the zoo turned out to be quite the trek. What would have normally been a ten minute drive up Rock Creek Parkway turned out to be a 40 minute nightmare getting lost on DC’s crazy streets. Here is a rough estimation of our route starting down by the Tidal Basin and making our way up to the Zoo. Lisa actually dropped us off at Connecticut and Macomb before getting lost down off Adams Mill and getting directions from a good Samaritan who directed her to the Zoo entrance.
We arrived about 20 minutes late to the class, so Ellie was still able to do most of the stuff, including making wings, tails, and antennae, and jumping on the trampoline and crawling through tunnels. We also saw the fancy birds in the bird house, and Ellie led the class in a frog hop across the bridge there.
After a stressful morning, we decided to try out 2 Amys Pizzeria. It was much easier to get to, since we had already gotten lost right near Wisconsin and Macomb, which is where the restaurant is located. We found parking quickly, and they had a table for us immediately too, unlike the people who arrived 30 minutes later. We indulged in Pizza Margherita and Norcia (Tomato, salami,grilled peppers, fresh mozzarella, grana (grated parmesan)). We even splurged on their weekend special of “Inside and Out” doughnuts (a regular doughnut AND a doughnut hole) and some hot chocolate to boot. Whatever calories we burned in the 5K were quickly put back. We definitely recommend 2 Amys for some good Neopolitan pizza.
And all this before 2pm. It was a busy day.