Frozen Four!

I sat down in front of my computer and TV on Friday night, college hoops in HD on the computer, and what I was hoping would be college hockey on MASN on the TV. Unfortunately, somehow the hockey was not on at 8:30 like it was supposed to be, and it was not on when I went to bed around 10pm either. Apparently it started broadcasting just after I went to bed. At any rate, Michigan State won that first game easily, 5-1 over Boston University and played again on Saturday night. This time, the broadcast started on time, and I watched every minute of Michigan State’s 2-1 victory over #1 seeded and #1 ranked Notre Dame. Jeff Lerg had a great game in net, and MSU just kept constant pressure on the Irish in a hard fought win.
MSU will now play Maine in a Frozen Four with no #1 seeds, as North Dakota and Boston College fill out the teams.
In basketball, I was worried last night that UCLA would have to carry the banner for the non-#1 seed to win it all, but Georgetown came through in the clutch, continuing to run their offense through their big men instead of jacking up three-pointers in desperation. UCLA plays Florida and Georgetown plays Ohio State, and hopefully both will come through for me. In spite of my idiocy in picking the early rounds of the tourney, I did correctly pick 3 of the Final Four, with Ohio State being the lone exception (I had Texas A&M, like a lot of the pundits did).
We had our old man’s version of Spring Training yesterday, a one day, two hour workout that consisted of some infield practice and short batting practice. Unfortunately, in spite of the dire warnings to not overexert ourselves, one player was seriously injured while chasing down a fly ball. He caught his foot in a divot or something, and nearby players said they heard a pop as he went down. The ambulance and fire truck came and put a brace on his leg and took him to the hospital. They weren’t sure if anything was broken at the time, so hopefully he will be okay. I took it easy myself, since I was plenty worn out from our 5K and various running around on Saturday. I was just glad to get out there and get my new uniform. I’ll be wearing #2 this year. Unlike #47 that I wore last year, at least there are some well-known people who have wore #2: Tommy Lasorda, Nellie Fox, Charlie Gehringer, and of course, Derek Jeter. In addition, the uniform is red pin stripes, so it’ll look real nice, I think. The season starts next week, and since we are off for Easter and then we will be on vacation the following two weeks, I won’t play again until the 29th. Well, it will give me plenty of time to recover from the first game anyway!
Two more quick things vaguely related to the topics in this post. First, the Washington Post’s Beer Madness is down to the Final Four: Ellie’s Brown Ale, Brooklyn Lager, Dominion Ale and Saranac Pale Ale. I can attest to the fact that these are four fine American beers. Go Ellie’s Brown! Second, in case you missed it, and I am sure you did, you have to watch the amazing finish to the Division II basketball championship, Barton versus Winona State. Enjoy.