I’m going to be a tired boy on Sunday Monday.
I woke up early yesterday so that I could leave work early and go with Lisa and the kids to have Easter pictures taken. That boy of ours takes some damn cute pictures. Ellie was acting a little shy, but still cute. Relatives can expect their copies after we pick them up at the beginning of April, but trust me, super cute.
This morning I got up fairly early again to make the drive up to the curling club, where I was subbing for a team whose members wouldn’t be arriving until later today. We got down early 2-0 after two ends, but we figured out the ice and played well the rest of the way, taking an 11-3 win. We had lots of fun, and I am looking forward to playing more next year.
Unfortunately, when I walked out it was beautiful: 70 degrees and sunny. It has since clouded over a little bit, but I am second guessing my decision to come in to work at all today.
Tomorrow we have to get up early for the third straight day to make it downtown before they start closing roads for the National Marathon. We’re running in an unrelated 5K at 8:30am, but we need to make sure we can get a decent spot because Ellie has a class at the zoo at 10am. Did I mention you can still make a direct donation for colon cancer research any time? Lisa’s brother is doing well, by the way. They made him walk around the day after the surgery, which he said was a big help since it got the air pockets cleared out of his belly area. I’m not sure what he’s eating at this point, but I know they were taking it slow and just making sure he had plenty of fluids. Thanks for all the kind words, he’s glad to know people are thinking of him.
Finally, on Sunday, we have our version of Spring Training for baseball, a two hour “workout,” which is essentially a meet-and-greet/make sure the new guys can throw and catch. Plus, I get to pick up my nifty new uniform. Good times. There’s a rumor going around that since the age limit for pitching in this league is 32, I will be pressed into service in that regard. Guess I’d better work on my gyroball!