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Lisa and I will be running in the Scope It Out 5k on Saturday. It’s a charity race to benefit colon cancer research, and it turns out to be quite timely, and Lisa’s brother Roger is having surgery today to remove his colon. Here’s what he had to say last night:

As many of you know, I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an Irritable Bowel Disease since 1998. This past December, during a yearly check-up, it was discovered that I have high dysplaysia throughout my entire colon. This is a pre-cancerous condition and due to my age, and length that I have had UC, I was told I have a 95% chance of getting colon cancer (They are not able to confirm that I don’t already have it). Therefore, I am having surgery on Monday, March 19th at U of M hospital to have my colon removed. This is a very serious operation, requiring 8 ½ hours of surgery and a hospital stay of 7 to 10 days. After which I will have a temporary Ileostomy (An external pouch for bodily waste collection) for 6 months as a portion of my small intestine will be made into a “J pouch” that will serve the function of my colon, but will need time to heal. I will be out of work on medical leave for 4-6 weeks while I recover. After 6 months, I will be having a second surgery to remove the Ileostomy and allow the “J pouch” to begin to function.
While I face a long recovery, hopefully, with the removal of my colon, I will be cured of my Colitis and cancer free and will have a normal life span to enjoy time with my family. If cancer is found, I am sure other treatments will present themselves. I am maintaining a positive outlook that we found the High dysplaysia before it turned to cancer and I plan to make a full recovery over time.
While I knew the potential of the disease, I never expected that I would experience them to this extent and now, more than ever, I hope that with research, we can find a cure.

We’ll be thinking of him today especially, and while we are running on Saturday. It’s too late for us to collect pledges, but you can still make an online donation via this link. Thanks.

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  1. Even if we cannot donate today, we can still wish Roger all the best and hope that the surgery goes well.


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