Bracket Busted

After a decent first round, my bracket is now fully busted. I was down on the SEC and Pac-10 other than Florida and UCLA, and guess which conferences have three teams each? I wasn’t so silly as to pick MSU over UNC, but I at least had Wisconsin making the Sweet Sixteen. The ACC also let me down. The saddest part of it all is that the only OT game I caught was Ohio State-Xavier. We were running around getting stuff ready for our Saint Patrick’s Day dinner, so I missed Pitt-VCU and Vanderbilt-Washington State. I’m starting to get a little nervous about that friendly wager I had too. All four #1 seeds are through, and aside from Ohio State, they’re looking pretty good too.
But hey, MSU’s women’s team won their first round game last night, and have a second round game (at home even though they are the lower seed, one of the quirks of the women’s tourney) against Rutgers, a rematch of a loss they had earlier this year.