Too Tired

The Spartans gave it a nice run, but in the end, you could see their shots coming up short, and the failure to get back on defense because they were just plain tired out. That combined with the fact that UNC was essentially playing a home game (and not to complain, but getting a lot of calls like it was a home game) were too much to overcome. A good effort for a team that will be all back next year with some added help on the front line (7 footer Tom Herzog) and in the back court (3 top guard recruits).
p.s. Tyler Hansborough can bite me. MSU was backing off with 1:10 to play, down by 10, knowing the game is over, and you take it to the basket?!?! No wonder the Duke guy blasted you in the face. Back it off and show some class.

1 thought on “Too Tired”

  1. Funny, it was the three at the end that pissed me off. Gotta say that people can talk about Oden and Durant all they want. Hansborough is the best center in college basketball. The kid is an absolute beast. Strong to the rim, uses his body well, never gives up. UNC is tough.


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