Not a Bad Start

I missed 2 or 3 picks, depending on which of my brackets I’m looking at, and none of them cascade past this round. Not too shabby for the first day.
Finally, my Duke hatred paid off, and they choked one off to VCU, thanks to 12 missed free throws. Oh, if I were a Carolina fan with Josh McRoberts coming in to our house next year…
MSU pulled a nice victory as well, helped in part by the fact that Marquette was missing one of their top players. But a win is a win, and we held them to only 5 two-point baskets (and 10 threes), tying an NCAA record. March Madness On Demand is awesome, by the way. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to see MSU, even if it was on a grainy tiny window on my computer. There’s a good chance that I’ll actually get to watch Saturday’s game on a bigger screen, since the other 8pm game is UCLA-Indiana.
I apologize to Idong Ibok. Apparently I jinxed him by posting those bad dislocations a while back, and he had one of his own. So of course, I’m going to post that one too. This is the only thing up on YouTube right now, I’m sure there will be a better view later. Watch, as he trips as the players start to go upcourt, his arm just goes all floppy. Nasty.

Sportsline has a less grainy view about 20 seconds into their highlight reel.