Making It Interesting

I did fill out some brackets at the last minute, but I’ve grown bored with that a bit (I think I am 2-1 thus far, with Texas Tech being the loser). I think the “suicide pools,” in which you pick 4 teams to survive the first round, 3 for the second, 2 for the third, and one each of the remaining, with no repeat picks allowed, to be more interesting. But my one friendly wager with some co-workers is this one: They get all 4 #1 seeds, and I get the rest of the field, all 2-16 seeds. If any #1 seed wins the whole thing, they win the wager. Anyone else, and I win. One of them looked it up before wagering, and over the past 24 years, 13 #1 seeds have won it all, so I am a bit of a dog. Still, it’s just for fun anyway, and if a #1 plays a non-#1 in the title game, it will make it interesting regardless of who they are.