What Evan’s Up To

It occurs to me that I’m not being nearly as diligent in keeping Evan’s web page updated as I was with Ellie. I know I have some cute pictures at home, so I will definitely get around to that in the near future. Instead this post is to update everyone on the kinds of things Evan is learning to do.
Evan has gotten really good at finding his hand, and then of course, shoving the whole thing in his mouth at once. He’s not as enamored with the pacifier as Ellie was, and he can sometimes pacify himself by sucking on his fingers.
He drools. A lot. We’ve taken to using a trick my friend Ken taught us. His son Logan was also a copious drooler, and they would put a bib on him to soak up the drool and keep from having to change his shirt all the time. We’re now doing that with Evan most of the time.
He’s getting really close to rolling over. He’s not even trying particularly hard, but when he gets on his side, he tries to grab the floor to pull himself over onto his tummy.
During tummy time, he’s finally learned to prop himself up with his arms. Previously, he would just lie there with his face in the carpet or the bed, and try to get his knees under him. Somehow I guess he thought that was the way to go, but now it seems he realizes that driving one’s face into the floor is not ideal.
Lastly, he’s caught a bit of a cold lately, again, most likely the same one Ellie has (damn you, preschool germs!!!). He seems to be susceptible to getting mucous in his eyes as a result, which is ever so fun to deal with on top of the normal snotty noses. Of course, he still does his “cough, cough, arrooo” routine. I came within 15 seconds of catching it on tape the other day, but I turned off the camera just a little bit early. If we get anything out of this darned cold, it’s gonna be the cute sighing thing.